When do the courses start?
The Intensive 20 and 25 courses start on Mondays every other week. The specialised Spanish courses start according to the preferences of a group with a minimum number of students.

What expenses does the Step by Step in Spanish grant cover?
The grant is for linguistic and cultural immersion and therefore covers the cost of half board accommodation either with a family or at a university residence for the Intensive course 20 or 25, lasting for 1 or 2 weeks.

What do students who have a grant have to pay?
Students have to pay their flights, the course they have chosen (intensive 20 or 25) and the registration fee (70€).

If I already have accommodation can I still have a grant?
It may be possible but in this case, the student would have to ask El Camino del Español Institute to take a look at their situation.

Can I do a course lasting more than 2 weeks?
You can extend your course for as long as you want but after the second week you would not be eligible for a grant and so would have to pay for both the course and the accommodation.

Where can I register?
You can register on our webpage In addition to introducing your personal information, you can choose the course you want (Intensive 20 or 25) and any of the optional services we offer (transfers, insurance, trips, educational workshops…).

I am under 18; can I do one of your courses?
Of course you can, but you have to have signed authorisation from your parents and, depending on age, be accompanied by a teacher or tutor.

If I am under 18 and I can’t be accompanied by an adult. What can I do?
El Camino del Español has tutors and companions for groups of students under 18. In this case, the teacher or your parents have to get in touch with us so we can send you a quote.

When do I pay for the course and other optional services?
You can pay before you arrive in Spain, by credit card or bank transfer, but if you prefer you can pay for everything on the first day of class.

By the bank transfer, please include in the subject the name and surname of the student
Data for the bank transfer:

Instituto El Camino del Español, S.L.
Bank: Unicaja Banco
Bank account:
IBAN: ES34 2103 4225 0100 3351 1888

What does the registration fee include?
The registration fee ensures your place at any one of the courses we offer (general or specialised) as well as all the didactic material required for the classes.

What do I do if I need a visa to travel to Spain?
Once a student has paid the registration fee, and they specifically ask for it (by telephone or email), our institute will issue a study certificate specifying the course chosen with the course dates and the type of accommodation chosen and send it to them by email.

What type of accommodation can I choose?
If you want the Step by step in Spanish grant, you can choose half board accommodation in either a university residence or with a family. However, if you prefer another type of accommodation (apartment, hotel) get in contact with us and we can send you a price including the grant.

Is the accommodation in a single or shared room?
At the university residence, the rooms are en-suite and single and with a family it is in single rooms.

Can I choose full board if I have a grant?
Of course you can. In this case you would have to pay 30€ per week.

What does half board and full board include?
Half board includes breakfast and one meal, either lunch or dinner.

If the student is staying in a university residence, he or she has to choose either lunch or dinner a week before travelling. If they prefer to stay with a family, they can negotiate with the family when they arrive.

Full board includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What transport is on offer?
We offer two transfer options from Valladolid and Madrid.

One of those is to organise train or bus tickets to and from Madrid and Valladolid.

Another option is a private minibus to and from Barajas airport to Valladolid. The price of this service depends on the size of the group of students, so we advise you to ask for a quote before you arrive.

When I get to Valladolid will somebody be waiting for me at the station?
The El Camino del Español Institute do not take responsibility for this, however if you are staying with a family you can get in touch with them beforehand and in some cases, they will pick up the student from the station..

How can I find out the price of the courses and the accommodation?
You can look on our webpage in the section on courses and accommodation.

Is the accommodation near the El Camino del Español Institute?
The privileged location of our school in the heart of Valladolid means that both university residences and families are less than 10 minutes from us and there is a bus stop only 50 metres away.

When can I arrive at my accommodation?
Your accommodation is available for you from the Sunday afternoon, before your course starts, to the Saturday morning, after you course has finished.

Can I stay in the accommodation for a few more days?
Of course you can, you only have to ask for it beforehand and we will tell you the price per day both in a university residence and with a family.

When will I get the information about where I am staying?
We organise the services required by the student a month before the course starts. We take into account the preferences of each student, from the information given at time of registration. These include things such as allergies, smoker or non-smoker, if they like children, whether they prefer young families, etc.

We send the course information and the contact details of the place they are staying 15 days before the start of the course. This information includes a name, address, telephone number and email address so that they can get in touch before they arrive.

Can I cancel the optional services I have requested (transfers, insurance, etc.)?
Yes, as long as you tell us 15 days before the course starts.

Do I have to book trips or educational workshops beforehand?
It is not necessary, but it is preferable so we can organise the activities better.

Are the guided tours only at the weekends?
Trips take place on different days of the week. The trips to Salamanca and Segovia are on weekdays and form part of the class programme of the Spanish Step by Step scholarship students. There are half day trips (in the afternoons) when there are a minimum number of people interested. There are also weekend trips which the team at El Camino del Español will happily tell you about.

How and when can I buy the optional insurance service?
You can do it when you register or if you prefer up to a month before you start your course. The week before you travel we will send you your insurance policy by mail.

When are the classes?
Classes take place in the morning, although there is also the possibility of classes in the afternoons if there is enough interest.
Are the afternoons free or are there activities at the institute?
In general the afternoons are free although we do offer a wide range of optional activities and didactic visits.

Can I cancel the accommodation and the course?
If you have paid a cancellation insurance (40€), you can cancel everything up to 24 hours before the start of the course. The course fee, accommodation and any other services you have paid for will be reimbursed except for the registration fee. The reimbursement costs are the responsibility of the student.

Are there classes if I don’t go to Salamanca or Segovia?
If the course includes a grant, there are no classes but you can speak to our team about doing other complementary activities.

What does the price of the trip to Salamanca or Segovia include?
It includes the trip from the institute to the different places which are to be visited throughout the day accompanied by our teachers. Food and entrance tickets to museums or monuments are not included.

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