Welcome to this respite. We ask you to rest, relax and enjoy everything we have to offer in this exciting cultural, natural and entertainment showcase.

Open your eyes wide and wake up all your senses! We don’t want you to miss a thing!

This is our corner, the one we have dedicated to everybody, children, young people and those who are not so young, Spaniards and foreigners.

Spanish is our language and Castile and León, our land. A language and a region that invites visitors and students to discover the true worth of the nine provinces which make up this area.

Our people and our culture are our most important heritage we have to offer and our only intention is to teach Spanish and give a piece of our heritage to every one of our students at El Camino de Español.

El Mirador or Viewpoint is a place for cultural exchange where we share our historical and cultural values, a place for art exhibitions, a showcase for young artists from Castile and León and for a wide range of produce from our land. A crossroads of different cultures and nationalities to which everybody is invited.

Discover and enjoy this stage of Spanish and Spain today as well as the events and the cultural agenda we have on offer.

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