Winemaking in Spanish
Valladolid is the only province in Spain with 5 wine PDOs and therefore is the perfect place to discover or get a deeper understanding of the marvellous science of wine.

El Camino del Español offers courses in wine making geared towards all those who want to learn, discover and master the secrets of wine from origin to tasting.

Renowned winemakers accompany you in the theory classes as well as to the visits that we make to the main bodegas in the different PDOs of Castile and León.

Spanish popular culture
To learn Spanish well it is very important to understand the culture and the celebrations. We offer seminars and workshops on our traditions, festivals and events that characterise Castile and León ranging from the religious celebrations at Easter to the local festivals based around saints’ days as well as pagan celebrations such as the Carnival.

Spanish and nature
Castile and León has a vast wealth of natural heritage with a network of National Parks, trails, and nature centres.

El Camino del Español organises courses which combine Spanish with ecotourism where you can learn Spanish whilst discovering the natural and cultural diversity afforded by our region. Here you can enjoy the flora and fauna of the Castile and León landscape.

Students from El Camino del Español are invited to participate in a wide range of sporting activities and combine them with our Spanish classes.

Our institute has the support of sports teams and institutions from Valladolid for a sound mind and body.

Spanish in the kitchen
The cuisine is another of the pillars of Castile and León, birthplace to renowned restaurateurs who have known how to combine traditional cuisine with the latest trends, raising the quality and variety of our region’s products to authentic delicacies to suit all tastes.
Discover our produce and make the traditional Spanish dishes in classes given by the best chefs in Castile and León.

Communication in Spanish
Spanish is the third most used language in the production of information in the media and the third language with more internet users.

Therefore it is an indispensable tool in international communication and from our institute we would like to offer you the possibility of learning the technicalities and the way journalism works in Spain as well as getting to know the inner workings of some of the media in Castile and León.

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