The El Camino del Español Institute offers a wide range of activities in which both foreign and native students can participate in discovering all aspects of the city of Valladolid and Castile and León. Our team is in charge of preparing these activities and our ‘explorers’ are accompanied by a teacher to make learning about them enjoyable.

The wine route
Get to know the ‘Golden Mile’ in Ribera del Duero by visiting well known bodegas, tasting its wines and visiting the Wine Museum in Peñafiel.

Choose from a wide range of sporting activities either with a private instructor or with other students. Try sports such as football, basketball, tennis, paddle tennis, riding, skating among others.

Art, sculpture and photographic exhibitions
Visit the wide range of exhibitions held in Valladolid with our teachers.

Cinema workshops
Enjoy a film in one of Valladolid’s cinemas and share your experiences and feelings in a debate with other students.

The Museum Route
The city of Valladolid has a number of important museums including the National Sculpture Museum and the Oriental Museum.

The House Museum Route
Important personalities from the world of science and literature played an important part in the history of Valladolid. Visit the houses where famous people such as Columbus, Cervantes or Zorrilla lived.

Tickets for plays, concerts and shows
The cultural agenda of Valladolid is full of concerts, musicals and plays. Enjoy a bit of showbiz whilst you study Spanish in Valladolid.

Get to know Valladolid a thousand ways
We offer you different ways of getting to know Valladolid in a relaxed and educational way. You can choose to go on foot, by bicycle, on a tour bus or on skates.

Go for tapas around Valladolid
Our city has made a well-deserved mark on the world’s culinary map. Bar hop from tapas bar to tapas bar in Valladolid, trying these culinary works of art by renowned chefs and discovering the secrets behind the preparation of each dish.

Through the lens
How about a photographic workshop to discover the nooks and crannies of Valladolid. A professional photographer will show you how to shoot the best pictures of the city’s palaces, squares, churches etc.

Valladolid’s light
Get to know the city on a night time tour in which the lights that illuminates Valladolid’s most emblematic monuments is the protagonist. An original way of enjoying and learning about the city.

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