Educational day trips or weekend breaks are on offer to our students who can choose the option that most appeals. The El Camino del Español Institute plans these trips according to the wishes of the students.

1. World Heritage Cities
Vibrant and lively university city in the north of Spain with a mix of races and cultures. It is known as the golden city due to the colour of the Cathedral, Main Square or Shell House at sunrise and at sunset.

Salamanca is a wonderful place to lose yourself by meandering through the streets on your way to discovering the many historic buildings and sights as well as a place to try its culinary delights and wonder at the stories of famous people and writers who have walked the same streets in the past.

Dominated by the Alcázar and watched over by the eyes of the Roman aqueduct, Segovia is a World Heritage City with a wealth of historic buildings.

It is well worth a walk around the city centre, where you can discover the Jewish Quarter, and marvel at the stately homes, the Roman churches and the beautiful views.

A mystical and spiritual mixture of a modern day and a medieval city in which you can see modern walled buildings, palaces, temples and convents with a rich artistic and historic patrimony from its past in which Jews, Muslims and Christians lived side by side.

Surrounded by an impressive medieval wall, this World Heritage City offers visitors its cultural legacy born from the history of its buildings, monuments, people and landscapes.

2. Romanesque Palencia and Roman villas
The province of Palencia could be described as the best Roman museum in Europe, where you can see everything from large churches to humble chapels via monasteries and convents.

Another treasure to be found in Palencia is the Roman town of La Olmeda, one of the most significant archaeological sites in the hispanic Roman world where you can see important Roman mosaics in excellent condition.

3. Urueña Book Town
This medieval town is an attractive cultural prospect for both tourists and book lovers as it became the first ‘Book Town’ in Spain in 2007.

This place brings together experts and laymen who are attracted by books and all that surrounds them and in the medieval streets you can find bookshops and establishments engaged in bookcraft.

4. Mudejar art and literature in Olmedo
Discover one of the most important plays from the Golden Age, The Gentleman of Olmedo by Lope de Vega, by visiting his palace. An emotive and educational experience where you get to know and are given the chance to travel through the history of our literature first hand.

You can also visit the Mudejar theme park and see exact replicas of the monuments in the most original architectural style peculiar to Castile and León.

5. Ecotourism
Valladolid and Castile and León offer you the possibility of enjoying the natural heritage of our land. Discover footpaths, nature reserves and places to watch the wildlife.

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