Studying Spanish… 
The reasons for studying Spanish are innumerable, although the numbers speak for themselves. It is the official language in 24 countries and is spoken by 528 million people, making it the third most spoken language in the world, thus securing its place as the third most important language in communication and information.

Furthermore it is one of the six official languages of the UN and of numerous international political, economic and sporting organisations.

… in Valladolid
Valladolid is a welcoming and hospitable city with a lot of history. It is the ideal place to enjoy and discover the lifestyle and culture of a region of Spain as well as to learn Spanish. Unlike other cities, Valladolid is famous for being the birthplace of the language and the place where the best Castilian is spoken. 

Moreover, it offers its foreign visitors a wide range of cultural and leisure activities, the opportunity to see numerous historical sites and a rich and varied cuisine.

For our culture:
Discover an extensive heritage of ancient churches, museums and monuments full of historical memories. Visit places made famous by illustrious Spanish writers, from Cervantes to Delibes, and enjoy a varied cultural agenda in our many theatres, music halls and cultural centres.

For our cuisine:
Valladolid is famous for its rich gastronomy, with a cuisine in which traditional recipes coexist with avant-garde and innovative culinary creations.

Furthermore, the quality and variety of its wines is exemplary being the only province in Spain to have 5 PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) wines.

For our tradition:
Your stay may coincide with one of our many interesting traditional festivals, of which Holy Week deserves a mention. It is a celebration which draws you to it for its devotion and respect and converts the streets of the city into a rich display of religious sculptures.

For our sport:
In addition to learning Spanish, you can enjoy watching our elite teams playing in football, , basketball, handball and rugby competitions among others but you can also take part in lots of different individual and team sports such as tennis, paddle tennis, golf and mountaineering.

For our quality of life:
Our city guarantees an excellent quality of life, offering security and tranquillity to its visitors.

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