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The El Camino del Español Institute is a centre in which to learn Spanish as well as being a place of cultural exchange, born with the firm intention of bringing both the Spanish language and its culture to foreign students, in addition to promoting the image of Valladolid and Castile and León throughout the world.

Our educational and cultural project is constructed around the needs and interests of our students. We are renowned for our personalised attention. Our courses and activities are designed in response to our students’ preferences and we take care of all the details to make their stay with us an unforgettable experience.   

El Camino del Español’s philosophy is based on teaching the Spanish language in a cultural context and on showing them the area. We firmly believe in cultural exchange and the necessity of a true immersion by students in everyday life in Valladolid. Furthermore we like our students to learn and live Spanish by way of visiting different cities, workshops and leisure activities as well as in their free time.

We’d love to accompany you on your way to discovering Spanish step by step and show you all that Valladolid and Castile and León has to offer.

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